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Mobile Command Center Family

VHF, UHF, 800, HF System

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Two Radio System
NCS QuickLinx-M 2 Radio System
System Components

NCS-C250AM19 Mobile Multi-Switcher
C250 Interoperability Controller The heart of the M series is an NCS-C250 Mobile Multi-Switcher. This "Mini Dispatch Console" connects up to four radios to one microphone and two speakers. The console provides Selected and Unselected audio control and provides a crossbanding function with COR or VOX functionality. For a complete description of the C250 Mobile Multi-Switch, see the NCS-C250 Mobile Multi-Switcher page.

Three Radio System
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NCS-C251M19 Expansion Unit
(for 5 to 8 radio system configurations)
C251 Expansion Unit When the system contains more than 4 radios, an NCS-C251 Expansion Unit is included and connected to the C250. The C251 connects up to four (4) additional radios and provides the same functionality as the C250.

Mobile Radios (Customer Supplied)
Available configurations support 2 to 8 radios. All radios are supplied pre-programmed by the customer.

Radio Interface Cables
Cables to connect the NCS-C250 and NCS-C251 with the radios are integrated in the system.

Four Radio System
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Radio Antennas and Cables
Antennas and cables are customer supplied. Connections are provided on a panel accessible from the rear of the case. The connectors can be labeled or of different series (N, UHF, etc) in order to eliminate operator error. Some cases may have adequate space to store the cables.

DTMF Microphone
A DTMF microphone (Model Number NCS-E214) E214 DTMF Microphone. is included.

Two speakers are included to provide Selected & Unselected Audio.

Five Radio System
NCS QuickLinx-M 5 Radio System

AC/DC Supply(s)
The system contains a heavy duty switching power supply sized to the number and type of radios. The most common power supplies used are 40, 60 and 80 AMP units. Appropriate size supplies can be provided for nearly any combination of 2 to 8 radios.

Battery Backup
An external battery can be connected to the rear panel for power back-up. A portion of the output current (up to 8 amps) is diverted to charge the batteries when in state of discharge using the built-in battery back-up module. The battery supplies the DC load on loss of utility power acting as an Uninterruptible Power Source (UPS). In case the output of the AC/DC power supply fails, the external battery will start feeding the load immediately thus ensuring un-interrupted DC power to the radios and other equipment.

Power Distribution Panel
A high power terminal block is included for internal connection of the radios, the C250, C251 and C410(s). All radios and other equipment in the QuickLinx-M are protected with individual fuses accessible from the rear of the QuickLinx-M.

External AC Extension Cable
The system contains a 50 foot AC extension cable in addition to the 6 foot AC cable that connects the internal AC/DC power supply to an external AC source.

External DC cables
The system contains a cable to connect to an external DC source such as a car battery.

Six Radio System
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Transportable Rack Case
The system is housed in a rack mount case selected by the customer. Some cases have shock mounts for rugged environments. Others are available with rollers and a retractable handle for easy transportation. Finally, some cases have additional space available to store external power and antenna cables. Please inquire about available case designs.

NCS-C410 Audio & PTT Delay Module(s) (Optional)
The system may contain optional NCS-C410 Audio & PTT Delay Modules installed between the NCS-C250 or NCS-C251 and any trunked radio. The C410 provides a user selectable audio and PTT delay of 0, 50, 100, 200, 400, 800 or 1600 msec.
C410 PTT & Audio Delay Module

Seven Radio System
with an RJ45 Jack for a "walkup" 8th radio

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Eight Radio System with Phone Patch
NCS QuickLinx-M 8 Radio System

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